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When researching and selecting a property, Eastman Construction’s multi-disciplinary development team guides clients, step by step, through each stage. This ensures the transaction is not only sound, but properly handled in order to yield a high return on investment. Eastman Construction submits a land analysis, provides environmental reports, assists in securing financing, procures local and state government approvals and permits and works in close collaboration with architects and engineers. This superior level of knowledge, internal resources and partnerships assure that each client’s goals are successfully attained.

The following are examples of properties developed by Eastman Construction:

295 Burlington Business Center, Burlington, NJ


The first building within this 77-acre business campus was completed in 2000. The company was instrumental in coordinating and securing all development approvals from the state, county and municipal authorities over the course of several years.



Eisenhower Plaza, Livingston, NJ


This 157,500-square-foot complex was conceived, approved and constructed in two phases. The first phase, a 66,000-square-foot office building was followed by a 91,500-square-foot structure, two years later.



Dell Publishing, Livingston, NJ

This 40,000-square-foot complex was designed, approved and constructed during a severe winter. Eastman Construction’s responsive team of architects and engineers completed the project in just 10 months, from lease signing to occupancy.