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Eastman’s construction managers are committed to delivering a first-class product that yields maximum savings and a strong return on investment. The company’s personal, hands-on approach extends to oversight of the client’s entire project, from pre-construction through completion. The end result: attractive and functional space that is flexible for future needs.

Construction management services encompass:

Pre-Construction Consulting

The most efficient and cost-effective way to avoid potential project pitfalls is to engage a Pre-Construction Consultant in the earliest stages of development. In addition to creating preliminary cost budgets and schedules, consultants are tasked with fine-tuning project designs when it is most prudent – at the earliest stages to achieve the best result.

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Project Management

The role of the Project Manager is to shepherd a construction project from concept to completion. Based on Eastman Construction’s depth of experience working with clients on a wide range of projects, project management has become one of the company’s hallmarks for success. An accomplished management team maps out each project, submits cost estimates, develops the schedule, and handles overall coordination with designated contractors and/or vendors. Most importantly, the project manager is committed to ensuring buildings are delivered on time and within budget. In addition to implementing the construction requirements, the Eastman Construction team coordinates the sourcing of space, architectural drawings, engineering, and telecommunications planning; orchestrates furniture procurement; and provides assistance during the relocation process. These services are designed to minimize time demands on the part of the client and the impact on its business and employees.

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Value Engineering

By performing a project cost benefit analysis, Eastman Construction can identify options that will provide functionality while maximizing profitability. Often, what seems to be an inconsequential design can lead to significant cost savings as well as enhanced overall efficiency. After analyzing the proposed project, a team of experienced professionals counsels clients regarding the most beneficial approach for both the construction phase and overall long-term efficiency. Eastman Construction’s Value Engineering Services give architects, building owners and end-users the edge.

Project design implementation considerations include:

  • Alternative mechanical/electrical options that can improve efficiency and lower operating costs
  • Potential combinations of structural systems to minimize cost and advance completion date
  • Minor design changes to maximize cost savings while maintaining the integrity of the project

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Construction Process

Eastman Construction’s commitment to clients is central to the company’s success throughout the construction arena. The professional team dedicates considerable time to meeting and exceeding the expectations of clients, subcontractors and their respective staffs. Due to the multi-tiered process associated with construction projects, this approach ensures a seamless, uninterrupted progression:

  • Organizing job and project meetings
  • Managing and supervising construction
  • Qualifying, coordinating and supervising prime and trade contractors and material suppliers
  • Long-lead item procurement
  • Developing and maintaining a cost report system
  • Processing trade and contractor invoices and payment scheduling
  • Assuring completion deadlines are met
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Closeout and Testing

Long-term project success is not only dependent on the construction phase, it also is contingent upon carefully planned extension services. To this end, Eastman Construction provides necessary documentation, including as-builts, operating manuals, warranties and guarantees. Additionally, after final testing of all equipment, the company establishes a follow-up training schedule based on the client’s personnel skills and levels.

Through Eastman Construction’s affiliate, Eastman Management Corporation, the company also adds value in the creation of preventive maintenance, service and facility management schedules.

Recent projects include:[ Can these be considered recent? Update with new properties?]

  • Bellcore Headquarters Facility – 385,000-square-foot facility constructed in 11 months for Bellcore that included daily design changes.
  • Grand Union Supermarket – 45,000-square-foot supermarket constructed in four-and-a-half months that was designed and partially built as a Kings supermarket. During steel erection, Kings transferred the site to Grand Union, who completely altered the drawings.
  • Pathmark 2000 Concept Store – 63,000-square-feet in Newark, NJ, completed in five months from the start of footings. This project involved extensive underground electric and underground pipe.
  • Styertowne Shopping Center Renovations – Phase I of the renovations transformed the Yogi Berra/Phil Rizzutto Bowling Alley into a retail facility with AC Moore, Marty’s Shoes and Atlanta Bread as tenants.