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Eastman Construction is focused on providing superior project results in a timely and efficient manner. With projects that are often based in occupied spaces, meeting this objective can sometimes be a complex process. To achieve this goal, the company establishes and maintains long-term relationships with a talented group of subcontractors. The Eastman staff works as a coordinated team and expects subcontractors to play a pivotal role on this team. Each subcontractor brings a level of knowledge and expertise that are highly valued and will be tapped to develop original strategies that provide clients with first-rate results.

Open communication between the Eastman Construction staff and subcontractors is fundamental in conveying the specific requirements of each job and what is being done to meet each of these requirements. If questions do arise about the job itself or about Eastman company practices, please contact Angela Darchi at (973) 993-3920 x343 or via email at angelad@eastmancompanies.com.

The company requires all subcontractors to carry insurance and potential vendors will be asked for references regarding completed work, any current vendors and financial references.

If you are interested in working with Eastman Construction, please complete and return the following Subcontractor Qualification Form by fax to (973) 992-5215 or by email to angelad@eastmancompanies.com.